Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moab Trip

At Arches National Park

tyson and hailey loved climbing the rocks

sadie prefered to stay in the sand

she wasn't about to be shown up by jeff and tyson

tyson really wanted to catch a lizard.
he had one by the tail but it wiggled and freaked him out!

will pushed jeff down then just walked away!

bout to squash jeffy up against the rock!

it worked in emperors new grove!

my strong man!

tyson was nervous to go in until..
will showed him the stick that was holding the rocks apart!

jeff tormenting sadie

swimming in moab

gotta get a work out in!

jeff, reily and tyson

sadie burning up with a 103 fever.
napped in a camping chair most of the day

simree, ellie, tyson
ellie and jeff

hai ready to ride!!